open studios and book presentation

All studios are seriously cleaned and waxed, to give a total wrong impression about how clean we are. Be a witness of the open studios, with Bram Kerckhofs, Tim Vranken, Jonas Geysemans, Wiebe Moerman, Pieter Coenaerts, Peter Geysemans, Wim Segers, Liesbeth Timperman, Maarten De Saeger, Pieter Rosseel, Lore Smolders, Renée Pevernagie, Tim Bruggeman, Dominiek Colpaert, Sidney Aelbrecht. Followed by a book presentation, kitchen and Golden Retreat costume happening. “This evening will bring art, fashion, music, performance, costume, print, video and people together. Dressing up will be functioning as the glue between all these media and practices. It bridges the gap between participant and spectator, everyone and everything becomes a part of the total decor.”