now, go back into the dark woods

Now, go back into the dark woods is a quote from a videofragment which Angelo Badalamenti looks back on the emergence of the theme song of Twin Peaks. The fragment shows Angelo’s memories to the proces of the song. The conversation between Angelo and David and the thriving composition is staged by the camera. In the fragment a voltage is built up to a climax where a figure lights up from the dark woods. After this appearance the slowness and gravity is searched again with the sentence ‘Now, go back into the dark woods. the dark woods stands for the dark memory, witch occasionally illuminated images, images that flicker and fade. The memory, the appearance, the unconscious in there relationship are we using as aspect for the exposition. Tim Bruggeman, Renée Pevernagie and Lore Smolders are showing there work and inviting the following artists: Lulu Cuyvers, Floris Vanhoof, Benjamin Verhoeven, Melissa Annie B. and Lander Gyselinck. Knownalone (solo project of Lander Gyselinck). Ninjato and Dj Tumult did their musical contribution.

David would say: “Ok, Angelo, we are in the dark woods now. There is a soft wind blowing through a sycamore tree. And there is a moon out, and some animal sounds in the background. And you could hear the hoot of an owl, and you are in the dark woods, just get me into that beautiful darkness.” And I started playing. (Angelo Badalamenti).