meubelexpo II

The title is speaking for itself: for the second time Zwart Wild invites young and meaningful furniture designers and designers. This time it is big and the creations are not in the expospace, but they are shinning in the gigantic warehouse of the furniture factory. Furnitures of the makers  lph, MDM, Multiplex, Houtd, Lisse, Stif , Draw, Seba, Viervluug, Ben Storms, Jonas Binon, Goele Maes, Bram Kerkhofs, Simon Saelaert, Ambet Manalo, Bram Kerckhofs, Wiebe Moerman, Julie Van Mulders, Lennart Van Uffelen, Wob Work Place, Jonas Geysemans, Preben Van der Straete, Alexandre Lowie, Charlie Whittuck, Tina Peirlinck, Ruben Voets. Pictures by Robbie Vanlancker.