inventory of the premises

The black flag is hoisted. After one and a half year during occupation, Zwart Wild gets told that the contract is coming to an end. Inventory of the premises is the last event at the ‘meubelfabriek’ and takes the topography of the owner in mind. Extern artist are doing a visual intervention at various locations across the whole site. these are Bart Lodewijks (NL), Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone, Zeli Bauwens, Sofie Van der Linden, Flurin Bisig (CH), Neel De Bruycker, Sander Van Raemdonck en Jura Shust (BY). Besides that the artists from Zwart Wild are bringing work together in a cabinet. The content of the exhibition is framed by a symposium taking place on 27/09 and is introduced with the performance ‘ Rabot 4-358 ‘ by Simon Allemeersch. Wiebe Moerman, Bart Lodewijks en Peter Fengler (NL) are taking the word on the stage. Inventory of the premises is taking place inside the event Now. You are here, organized by the eight Offspaces of Ghent.