in order of appearance

Fase Dennis Tyfus Benoît Felix Anne Marie Sampaio & Achiel Buyse Frederik Leroux & Heleen Haegenborgh Helena Dietrich Peter Morrens Köhn The Singing Painters Frank & Robbert Robbert & Frank Other Robots DJ IJF

‘In order of appearance’ will be an audiovisual, performative exhibition curated by Zwart Wild at De Koer in Ghent. On Saturday 11th of March 2017 eight artists will bring actions and interventions to the site. We asked the artists to make new work or redefine work within the structure of the exhibition.
The character of the exhibition builds on the past of the site that was known a century ago as “Cinema Rio”. We refer to the original effects of cinema: stunts, transformations, slow and fast motion, disappearances, sensuality and aggression. The focus is not on the narrative but on the pursuit of making an impression, the struggle for attention, the agitation of the audience.
The different performances announce themselves through the arrangement that awaits activation. The actions spill over from the site, partially overlap and lure the viewer and from different sides. The artist claims the audience, and just as suddenly as the action started it is gone. Only a few traces betray what has happened.
We will let the viewers experience the course of the evening as an intense montage of attractions. As in a long take the audience is driven through the exhibition. In one movement we lead the viewer through the corridor, past the structural work, past the cafe, the cinema hall and onto the stage. On that route the gaze of the spectator is constantly enforced.

‘In order of appearance’ drags the viewer into a turbulent series of actions that appear and are then destroyed again.