i can live in a living room

The room is empty. The room gets filled. The room is not real. An exhibition with Aïssa Houari, Bert De Geyter, Carlos Caballero, Dominiek Colpaert, Johanna Weissenrieder, Koba De Meutter, LJ Frezza, Louis Vanhaverbeke, Matthias Yzebaert, Tine Peutemans, Wiebe Moerman. Tropic Of Coldness are two expats which ran into each other in Brussels and started a musical experiment, which produces two albums. Guitars, synths and samples intertwined until ‘sculptures of sounds’ and are guests at the new stage. Grovgast are no uknowns for Zwart Wild. during the expo ‘Bitmap’ they managed to topple us to CodaSync project. Now they come in pairs with a solid mix of rock and electronics. we are not afraid of that.