compro oro album release

Finally! Compare Oro releases his debut album ‘Transatlantic’ on cd (W.E.R.F) and Vinyl. The party continues in the big room of Zwart Wild during the Bomfestival (BOOAMM). Compro Oro arises as an ode to the Afro-cuban music. Artwork by Maarten De Saeger, a member of Zwart Wild. Mainly inspired by Cal Trader, and also by Mulatu Astatke and Marc Ribot, Wim Seger starts to compose, light and dark melodies, fast or slow moved by the rhythmical landscape of the latin-American culture, with possessed improvisations. The combination of the vibraphone with the winding guitar sound of Bart Vervaeck supplies a colorful pallet which this collectief displaces their musical travelogue. The ultimate groove delivers a value of Frederik Van den Berghe and the percussionist Robbe Kieckens who grew up in Africa. He works together with Mattias Geernaert, together they form a solid rhythm section. Danceable and fascinating, Compare Oro makes music that touches the senses. Live performances are parties for the hips, ears and the mind. Pictures by Anders Vranken.