Zwart Wild is an artist-run platform which brings together different art disciplines , gives space to the art scene of Ghent, connects networks and suffers from achievement pressure. Zwart Wild designs, curates, builds, occupies, questions,…

Zwart wild formed the vzw in the end of 2012. A group of young artists come together for the first time in a bar in Ghent, Belgium. What brings us together is the need of affordable studio spaces and the enthusiasm of organizing exhibitions and perfomances. After a short, intensive search Zwart Wild finds a spot in the former furniture factory Vandenberghe – Pauvers, in the centre of ‘de Brugse Poort’ in Ghent. Besides working in the studio’s Zwart Wild opens their doors of ’the salon’ twice a month with an expo, performances,..

During the second year in the furniture factory the members of Zwart Wild start doubting the vision of their organization. The central spot of the space is ‘the salon’. Endless discussions around the table ensure that everyone is getting to know each others ‘work, attitude and expectations’ a little bit better.

Gradually Zwart Wild shows more and more unity and the vision against which many proposals are weighed are growing.

In september 2014 Zwart Wild moves to a nearby location, which is named after ‘De Binnenweg’. Their vision and approach are getting more specific because of the change of choices in the program. Henceforth we prefer to start from the ateliers instead of the public activities. The original drive is a little lost because of the heavy moving and the very temporary contract. The focus on a decent atelier is the base of our organization and with that in our minds, the enthusiasm of the public part is reviving. Zwart Wild organizes ‘during the stay in De Binnenweg’ the expo’s: ‘I can live in a livingroom’, ‘MAGIC BE:’, ‘Now, go back into the dark woods’, ‘Wild Grid’, ‘Booamm’, ‘Meubelexpo III – met beeld’. The exhibitions are showing the diversity in the ateliers and certify the persistence of all the stakeholders of Zwart Wild. nearby the end of the temporary studio spaces, Zwart Wild puts his public activity further as a label, which means Zwart Wild will organize their exhibitions at different locations. The studio spaces of Zwart Wild moved since July 2015 to the Lindelei, ‘the ateliers of Nucleo’ and in the former police office in Zwijnaarde.